Chris Chaney
Growing up in Southern Ohio with The Grand Ole Opry on the radio and Hee-Haw on TV, I've always had a desire to learn something about every instrument I have come in contact with. Listening to the likes of Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash, takes me back to learning to play "Walk the Line" on guitar at the age of 7. From that point, Country music has been a significant part of my life. As a teenager, I was usually in a honky-tonk jamming with local musicians (So much for good grades). Some years later, after doing a few stints playing Rock-n-Roll, I turned my full attention to playing keys in Country groups in and around the Ohio Valley. After moving away to places such as New Jersey, Dallas Texas and Florida, I have found home in Myrtle Beach South Carolina! With years of playing in so many different places, I am fired up about my recent move to Myrtle Beach and playing country music in and around the area!

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