George Clinton
As a young boy George Clinton from South Carolina, has always been creative had a passion for film and television and often, he enjoyed role-playing, drawing and art. George left high school to finish at home; He later, would graduate from Film School in Los Angeles years later in. He’s the active President of Elite Video Broadcast, which is a Production Company that plans to relocate to South Carolina, in the future, which is also in the making of a new TV Network; In July 2000, he was discovered on a beach shooting a small Commercial; He had no clue that production personnel were paying so much attention to him. Later asked by producer whom was also filming a Television show nearby “Safe Harbor”, Staring the late Rue Mclananhan, and Gregory Harrison. George was approached by Producer Peter Dunn of "Spelling Television" and asked if he’d be interested in coming over to a near by location set to talk with him, Peter then Handled George a business card. George decided to go to Los Angeles in 2000, where he contacted Mr. Dunn whom had left Spelling Television, but did remember George. Since that encounter, George has worked behind the camera in many projects, like “Prom Night ““The American”, “Building Blocks” “Beachward” to name a few. He has done many Private safety re-enactments, training videos, Animations for private Law Offices, commercials for local businesses around the country. Its been very hard over the years with my share of ups and downs, in 2005 I was stepping into an elevator that suddenly moved downward causing traumatic injury to the Head, Neck, T-spine, and Lumbar. Have had 2 major surgeries to the neck. Now back to what he loves. Second cousin of actress Lane Bradbury whom she is former wife of actor Lou Antonio, and sister in law of actor Jim Antonio.

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