Josh Osborne
JOSH OSBORNE Josh Osborne’s musical career has finally come full circle. He grew up in a small town in eastern Kentucky. Encouraged by his parents he began singing at a very young age, he also excelled in playing the guitar and dabbled in songwriting. Josh grew up performing across the United States. He would travel with his band to play local fairs and festivals and won many singing and writing awards. At the age of 17 Josh moved to Nashville, leaving behind what would become the inspiration for many of his songs. Josh has been writing and singing in Nashville for 10 years. Over that time he has honed his craft both in writing and performing. In 2005 Josh’s song “You Only Call Me” was recorded by an Americana artist named Buck Jones. The well received song was a top 5 hit on the Americana charts. After years in Nashville, Josh has landed at publisher and record label Red Stripe Plane Music. Red Stripe Plane (RSP) has become a musical home for Josh. While at RSP Josh has found success in writing music for artists as well as for television and had his song, “Stay Away” featured in the Hallmark movie, “Every Second Counts.” After a year at RSP, Josh has taken the songs that he so eloquently puts to paper and has now given them a voice. Having to sift through a catalog of hundreds of songs, Josh picked 12 and has now recorded his own album “More Important Things.” Every song on “More Important Things” was co-written by Josh. The album hits a wide range of topics: encouragement, longing, faithfulness - all written with a heartfelt pen, and all full of fresh music “This album gave me a way to showcase my writing as well as my singing. I enjoyed putting a voice to my own creations,” Josh said. “I hope that when people listen to ‘ More Important Things” they can relate to the subject, and enjoy my music.” Josh Osborne’s Album “ More Important Things” will be released in 2009.

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