LaTavia Roberson
LaTavia Marie Roberson is a 2x Grammy Award winning artist known as an original member of multiplatinum group Destiny's Child. An entertainment industry veteran since childhood, LaTavia landed her first national campaign as the face of "Just For Me" at age 8! That same year she became fast friends with a young Beyoncé Knowles whom she'd met during auditions for an all girl ensemble forming in Houston, TX. After both girls made the cut, they were encouraged to invite friends to rehearsals for additional tryouts. Overhearing her classmate Kelendria "Kelly" Rowland singing a Whitney Houston tune one day, found a wide eyed LaTavia instantly encouraging her friend to audition. Several months later Beyoncé extended similar invitations to her classmate Letoya Luckett, and the rest became history. As the ensemble developed quite a bit of evolution followed: lineup, moniker and management changes eventually morphed the group into a foursome the world would come to know as Destiny's Child. The girl’s years of hard work and determination paid off in the form a major record deal with Sony/Columbia Records. Destiny’s Child’s first 2 albums earned LaTavia extensive singer/songwriter credits & garnered #1 hits like “Bills, Bills, Bills" & "Say My Name." As the group began to ascend into super stardom, some concerns regarding clarity of management practices arose. A decision to request a meeting for 3rd party mediation unfortunately found LaTavia on the outside end of abrupt replacement proceedings. Following her exit from Destiny’s Child, Roberson & Luckett formed another group "Anjel" with 2 additional vocalists. After months of recording however, the collaboration decided to part ways in pursuit of solo endeavors. Deciding to take a break from music LaTavia moved forward into the world of acting co-starring in a number of stage play adaptations. Suddenly the untimely news that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer brought LaTavia’s world to a heartbreaking stand still. Without hesitation she made the conscious decision to forego her budding career & rush to her mother’s side. Thankfully, after a tumultuous battle the war was won & the cancer remains in complete remission to this day. Experiencing the importance of providing a support system during those times made LaTavia deeply passionate about advocacy for regular screening and early detection among women. LaTavia continues to align herself with several national breast cancer awareness organizations to aide in the continued fight. While living life out of the immediate spotlight, a literary passion also sparked within LaTavia. She began writing and is presently in the final stages of completing & choosing the best publishing home for her self authored memoirs. The forthcoming body of work chronicles her entire life, bravely touching upon deep personal experiences she hopes will provoke dialogue and inspiration for young girls in the midst of similar situations. Today we find LaTavia living her best life yet, in August 2013 she welcomed "the joy of her life" her first child, a baby girl named Lyric. Since then the young mom has returned to the acting stage, the music studio and in front of the cameras citing her daughter as her "greatest inspiration and motivation." Destiny's Child is a staple in pop culture history and LaTavia Roberson's story has often been likened to “a sort of Florence Ballard tale of our generation." Naturally, fans & supporters have been eager to reconnect & start anew with the star. Today’s sensationalism of reality television showed itself as an exciting medium for people to get to know LaTavia sincerely. In November 2013 announcements came that she'd officially chosen a home to invite the world into. Entrusting her present day story with the growing TV One Network, LaTavia signed onto the 3rd season installment of their hugely successful R&B Divas Atlanta franchise. "For the first time I'm confident enough to live my life on my own terms and its exhilarating." With scripts on the table, talks of solo music & a number of entrepreneurial endeavors in the pipeline, its clear to see that LaTavia Roberson is a multifaceted diva, in complete control of her destiny! Right now, LaTavia is in the final editing stages of her "love letter" to her fans; 'I Am LaTavia." This autobiography is set to release in the spring of 2017. Check out her December 2016 exclusive interview with PEOPLE Magazine to learn the latest on LaTavia's reintroduction to the public.

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